5 Jan: #1 Team Building Challenge - Debrief (I) Class Reflection

Making reference to the 3 activities you participated this morning:
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • The Longest Line
  • All On Board
As a class, discuss...
  • What strengths you have observed in the class during the teambuilding activity?
  • How are these strengths important in helping your class to succeed?
  • What other “ingredients” do you think is needed for a class to succeed as an effective team?
  • How can the class apply these “ingredients” in its daily work?Which school value best fits that the team is trying to do?
Appoint one recorder who will take notes and post the collective responses in the blog (under Comments).
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Mayur said...

Class Discussion
Today we discussed about our weak points and strengths. We actually found out that all of us are very cooperative with each other for example during the cheer we all listened to each other and were successful in making a cheer. We also thought all of us were very very participative especially in the longest line when all of us together used everything we had to try to make the longest line. Even though we did not win in any of the activities we were still proud of our performances as we all put in our best. When we discussed about our weak points where we could improve we thought that we lacked the sense of time and therefore to complete the project we lacked time. An example is the scavenger hunt when we took like 4-5 minutes just planning what to do when there was only 8 minutes. Thus we could not execute the plan properly. We also think that if we would have assigned roles to members of the group there would be less confusion thus making the project successful.
We all hope that now that we know our weak points all of us would try improving and tomorrow’s amazing race which will make it not only better but also more enjoyable.

Guang Jun said...

Class Discussion:
Today we discussed about our strengths and weak points. In the activities, we found out that we could come out with a lot of ideas like during the Longest Line where we came out with lots of weird ideas to make our line longer.Everyone was very participative even when there was no leader in the group. We were very excited about this activity and everyone rushed all about the hall to try to adjust the items to make the line even longer. Everyone had put in all their best in all the activities although we did not win any of the activities. It was very co-operative of all of us. We also discussed about things bad about ourselves, the weak points. We were not good in communicating with each other and no one listened to another person. We also did not notice that some classmates were left out in the activities. Some of the classmates even followed their own ideas and did not want to have our ideas in the activity, even the leader's idea. If we had appointed roles or a leader, we could have made everything more organized and there would not be so many problems communicating with our classmates. Now that all our weak points are made known, we can try to improve for the rest of our secondary school life

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