Homework for Friday 29th Jan 2010 ( weekend is here!!! :D )

P.I.E.S analysis Heading: S101-PIES Analysis ( Name )
send to ms seah's email: seah_ yen_ sin @ sst.edu. sg.
do it in landscape format.
Remember to put your name and class! :D
Do it in Pages.
DEADLINE: 1ST FEB 2010 at 1 min. before midnight.
need to mention the NEEDS instead of solution. ( think out of the box. )
Put the notes in your group blog.

next tuesday, Health Science Test 1
Topic: cells
Time: 30 min
Total mraks: 20 ( 5 MCQ ; 15 marks str. )
Next Friday ( 5/2 )
-submit FINAL PI
- Print it out for submission.

If you have not done....

Do in foolscap- TB pg 11 No 3&4, Pg 15 No. 5,6,7,8 ( topic : LCM & HCF )
Do not copy question, label question no., show working clearly,
conclude your answer in statement.
Do on NEW foolscap paper- WB Pg 2 No.8 b,d,f, No.9 b,d,f.
PS: every question should be done on a new line equal sign must be on new line.

Go to the blog for HW. look for the secret (??) underline the words u
dun know in the 白菜汤。Comment on the post.

Find the meaning of credibility, consistency,corroboration ( must have
to do with History )

prepare for test. :D

Enjoy your weekend! chiong HW first then relax hor! haa. :D

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Jonathan Soh Wei Ping said...

thanks and life's tough! but sweet!:)

Grace Tan Soo Woon :D said...

YES! very true! :D

Harsh Seth said...

thanks again Grace

Sher Li said...

Hmm... longest post record for homework so far.... Oh well, it's the weekend after all... Thanks anyway Grace! T.T

Grace Tan Soo Woon :D said...

No problem ! :D its my pleasure. ^_^

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