Team 02 - Chicken Rice Lovers

Firstly, in the neighborhood, most of the people we observed were jaywalking, and a huge amount of litter were found scattered around dustbins and other places such as parks, etc. There are also people smoking in void decks even though the sign clearly states that smoking is prohibited. Stagnant water was also present in drains and canals beside the pedestrian pavements. Heavy traffic was also a problem especially during peak-hours.

Secondly, sst can probably educate students about littering problems and inform the N.E.A. about the stagnant waters in drains. 

Thirdly, by serving the community, we will start thinking and put ourselves into the resident's shoes and also feel that we are part of the society.  We can also apply the things we learn in school into reality. 

Lastly, the school value is Expanding Our Learning Networks. 

Shamus Seng, Harsh Seth, Chan Jing Jie,Lai Ziying and Lim Zhi Qi

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