Team 03 - Adaptors

1.What are some of our observations about the environment and people?

2.What were some opportunities you think SST to would able to contribute to the  community?

3.How can we benefit from serving the community?

4.Which school value encourages us to learn beyond SST?

 1.We observed that there are a lot of elderly in the neighborhood. As there are little traffic lights along the "long" pedestrian crossings, many people tend to jay- walk. They influenced us and we adapted to the habit, following suit, by jay-walking. Many of the buildings were old and dilapidated.

2.Volunteer to help out at the community(old folks home), plant more trees to prevent air pollution.

3.We can feel the satisfaction of having done a good deed, and when we go around the community, we can also benefit from whatever we have done for the community.

4.Expanding our learning networks
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