101 Please Check This Out...

Dear 101, the Class Executive Committee would like to inform you about the following things:

1. The Duty Roster
The duties have already assigned to each individual, and the CEC will not be involved in the duty roster.
Please check out your duties from the table below. The CEC believe that as S101, we will be able to carry out our duties and play our parts well.

Cleaning of Class
Sue Lun
Joshua Loh
Jian Hui
Zhi Chao; Kai Chek
Arrangement of tables
Zhi Qi
Jing Jie
Joshua Ma
Cleaning of whiteboard
Sher LiGuang JunSoh FanMing EnCheng Ngee

2. The Class Emergency Relay System 
Our class has an emergency relay system to ensure that everyone in the class gets the message in case of emergency. This system goes like this, we are divided into 3 groups. In case of any emergency, Mr Yeo call to Shamus, Harsh and me. The three of us will proceed to call our fellow classmates that are in our groups. The last person of each group will call Shamus, Harsh or me (depends on which group are you in) to let us know that all of you have received the message.. Finally, three of us will call Mr Yeo to inform him that the class has been notified.
So the emergency call-line branches out like this:
Shamus>Kai Chek>Shawn>Soh Fan>Jonathan>Jian Hui>Ming En
Harsh>Jing Jie>Zhi Chao>Guang Jun>Joshua Loh>Joshua Ma>Mayur
Ziying>Grace>Sue Lun>Zhi Qi>Cheng Ngee>Sher Li>Bryan
So, Ming En, Mayur and Bryan will have to call Shamus, Harsh and me respectively once they receive the message. However, just think about what if somebody who is in the middle does not get the message on time (you are unable to reach the person)? Then, you will have to contact the next person and there will be one more message to pass on. 
For example, if Grace can't get Sue Lun, then Grace has to skip Sue Lun and contact Zhi Qi. Grace also has to inform Zhi Qi that Sue Lun can't be contacted and Zhi Qi will pass the message on until to the last person. Then Bryan will have to call me and inform me that Sue Lun did not get the message. Meanwhile, Grace needs to continue contacting Sue Lun.
So, right now you have a few things needed to be done:
1.Get the contacts of ALL the people in your group. (You can get the contacts of our classmates from 101 contact list)
2.Be familiar with how the emergency call-line system goes and be alert.
3. The Class Fund
Since we are contributing to the class fund regularly, the CEC thinks that you need to know the purposes for it. There are two main purposes to have the class fund. First is to celebrate the birthdays of our classmates. Second, we need the class fund to pay for our notes(this will come in later). For the latter, Mayur is in charged of it.
Also, please note that, whenever you contribute a certain amount of money to the class fund, we would need your signature as an evidence. The treasurer will have the book and all the collection of money and expenditure will be recorded on it. Shamus, Harsh and me will check on the amount of class fund regularly and all the receipts must be kept as well.
4. The addresses in the class contact list
Now we come to the class contact list. The CEC thinks that it is unsafe to share our addresses with everybody in the contact list, and hence, Mr Yeo has removed all the addresses. When there is really a need to get your address, we shall inform Mr Yeo personally and get your permission before doing so. This is to protect our privacy and I am sure all of you are agree with this point. So now when you go to get the contacts of our classmates for the emergency call-line, you won't be able to see their addresses.
5. Our Class Executive Committee System
Recently, I believe that all of you would have felt something is not so right about our class system. Not all of us were aware of the Chinese New Year performance and audition and we had no choice but to manage to put up a funny show at the very last minute. So after the meeting of the CEC, we decided that after whatever meetings you have, such as the NE meeting and so on, all the announcements should reported to the CEC and CEC will be responsible for announcing to the whole class. Through this structure, I hope that the incident as mentioned will not happen again as all of us will be aware of what is going on and we shall work as a class.
6. The consolidation form.
I would need those who would like to get involved in the following activities to submit your name to me by tonight. (Either submit via sms or send it to my personal email account which is on the contact list.)
  1. School Song (Please define what role you are interested in: Song writing/ arrangement, lyric writing, singing or music video production)
  2. Doodle-for-Google competition
Please submit your names by tonight.
7. Please think of the class names for 101 to 109 and submit your ideas to Shamus latest by tomorrow.

If you have any questions please leave comments under this post.

Thank you.
Lai Ziying
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Zhiqi said...

May I ask why my name, cheng ngee, sue lun and sher li appeared twice in the duty roster?

Grace Tan Soo Woon :D said...

because we do not have enough people. CEC is not included. so monday and friday have to be you guys.

Master Chief said...

I do not mean to be rude but Joshua Ma's name is spelt wrongly. Don't need to correct it again, unless you fell you want to. Sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry.

Joshua Loh

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