Homework for Wednesday 3rd Feb 2010

Bring 5-10 digital pictures of your childhood.
Due Date - Thursday.
1,5,9,2,6,10 (Isometric )
1&12 (Perspective)
Due Date - Friday.
Digestion - Individual and group work.
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t.jianhui said...

The admt homework is supposed to be handed in on friday.

Master Chief said...

But friday no ADMT lesson.

t.jianhui said...

Check the admt blog. There clearly says that we hand it up on friday. Miss Seah mentioned it too.

Sher Li said...

What's the bio homework??? "O.o

bryan goh said...

find ms seah and give her

Aurelius Yeo said...

So is the HW due Fri or tmr?

t.jianhui said...

Due Friday.

Shamus said...

cool. got it.

Shamus said...

plus, ever consider getting a tagboard on the blog? :)

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