Homework for Thursday 4th Feb 2010. Sorry I'm late cos I've got piano lesson.

Bio + IPW :
Burger- table ( to submit folder )
Print final draft.
Essay writing, 250-350 words
Do on google docs.

Eh... i think thats it. not sure if there is more though. comment if
you know i missed out smth!
OH.. i know now.

Go to the ADMT blog (http://www.admts101.blogspot.com/)
and do the remaining hw u have not done. THX! :D
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bryan goh said...

Bio need to do keynote

Guang Jun said...

what keynote??

Grace Tan Soo Woon :D said...

keynote? for the burger?

Zhi Chao said...

no, keynote for the food test. wait, it is due when?

bryan goh said...

go ask mrs iong

Soh Fan said...

Think it is next science lesson, should be

Shamus said...

ok. how to do?

Jadesakura said...

insert the photos?

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