HW for Weekends 12th Feb 2010 :D

Do the concluding statement for the pages and send it to ms seah's email.
Upload the pictures you have taken onto your personal blog.
YOG, study for the online quiz, submit the Parts and Whole Relationship Worksheet.
Any more please post as comments. THANKS!
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Master Chief said...

Is the concluding statement group work or individual work?

Jonathan Soh Wei Ping said...

got the one on chinese bout Plurk and the mindmap on how to use Plurk to study chinese

Jadesakura said...

prepare for english, chinese, geography, biology test on Week 7 & 8

Master Chief said...

Thanks Jonathan, I just wanted to ask what the mindmap was supposed to be about.:)

Grace Tan Soo Woon :D said...

the other HW is on the previous HW page. look for it pwese.

Harsh Seth said...

Thanks for the info

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