Term 1 Reflection

Please answer these 3 questions as a reflection for Term 1. Thank you. 

1. In what ways have your learning been engaging so far?
2. What are some things that could be changed so that your learning can be improved?
3. Describe in what ways have relationships with (a) teachers; (b) peers been positive or negative?

The deadline for these questions are 27/2/10 2359. Thank you.

By your Vice Chairman and Chairman,
Harsh and Shamus.
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Master Chief said...

Where do we answer these questions?

Shamus said...

answer them here. in the comments. thanks.

Sue Lun said...

1) There were many practicals for Biology. It helped me to learn in a fun and engaging way.
2)We could probably get to learn more during field trips.
3)Our class could work as a group and we could all communicate well with all our teachers.

bryan goh said...

1. We had a lot of fun classmates helped each other when they are in need. We played together and have fun together during lunch. And we also had great teachers who helped assisted in our learning
2.We should try to manage our time wisely. We should heed Mr Geraint Wong's advice on not making bad noise during lesson time. And do our best in whatever we do.
3.the teachers in SST were very good. Which means it's positive. They gave me a very enriching experience which i will never forget but there is just one wish that I would like from the teachers and that is not giving a lot of homework on long days like Mondays, Tuesday and Thursday
For the students of SST, it also has been a very enriching experience for me as I have met different people from different backgrounds

thats all I have to say

☆Ziying said...

1. I appreciate the patience of the teachers and I think being attentive during every lesson will help us to engage in our learning. For Bio, I am able to learn more effectively by experimenting in the lab.

2. I think time-management is crucial in order to excel in academic work. I hope the teachers can assign less homework on Tuesday and Thursday because these are the longest days in a week. Besides time-management, we need to get sufficient sleep everyday too. Otherwise lack of sleep is going to affect our second day routine.

3. Playing with peers during lunch time has improve our unity and friendship and I enjoy having fun with my classmates. I think S101 has a great potential and we all are the excellent students in SST.

Ganbateh 101! :D We can do it!!!!!

Lai Ziying

Shawn Tan said...

1. In what ways have your learning been engaging so far?
They are fun and interactive. The task can be challenging sometimes but doing together with classmates has helped a lot. We had a great deal of fun learning and playing together.
2. What are some things that could be changed so that your learning can be improved?
The learning device is also a good device for gaming. If we can have some self-controls over it and manage our time wisely. Commit fully in whatever we do and help our each other we one of us need help in our homework.
3. Describe in what ways have relationships with (a) teachers; (b) peers been positive or negative?
Everything has been positive. The teachers and peers have been friendly and helpful. When I approach them for help, they whole help me in a way that I can learn. The teachers teaches in a fun way and they relate learning with reality. This new learning experience has been great. But I do hope that there will be lesser homeworks on longer days.

Jonathan Soh Wei Ping said...

It is fun working as a group more often in Secondary School then in Primary School, however, there maybe problems when we cannot communicate well. Overall, it has been fun and exciting for Term1. I feel that we should have for activities that engages us to work together more then ever. My relationships with my teachers have been all positive as they help me realise my pros and cons of myself and help me improve myself.

Chan Jing Jie said...

1. The learning in SST has been a new experience for me so far, especially the new way of applied learning. The best thing of learning in SST is that the work given is manageable but needs to have good quality which will also be time-consuming to produce a good work.

2. The school could organise more field trips as it causes our brain to work actively and may even learn faster. We could also not have so much computer homework as it may damage our eyes.

3a. My relationships with the teachers has been good so far. I could communicate freely with the teachers and they are very nice. They have provided me with a wonderful environment to study in. Like this, I can learn more.
3b. My relationships with the peers has been good too. We could communicate well and could co-operate with one another. I have met a variety of peers and think that everyone of us is unique in our own ways.

Everything in SST is going well so far. (:


Guang Jun said...

1. We all had fun studying together and playing at the correct time.
2. Do not make so much noise in class, like laughing and clapping when it is not needed.
3. Ok. Teachers were very good,duh.err about negative, its just that theres too much hmwk on mon tue and thurs. Students are easy to communicate with, which is good, but sometimes they just want to annoy me.

Zhiqi said...

1. In what ways have your learning been engaging so far?
I love the lesson by SST teachers as their teaching method is very different and lively.
2. What are some things that could be changed so that your learning can be improved?
I hope that they can increased the time for integrated humanities and have more practical for biology.
3. Describe in what ways have relationships with (a) teachers; (b) peers been positive or negative?
(a) I think the relationship with the teachers is positive.
(b) With my peers, some has positive and negative. I just think that I just have ironed out my communication problems as everything would be okay.

Grace Tan Soo Woon :D said...

1. In what ways have your learning been engaging so far?
We had many outdoor activities and we used many unused applications like garageband.

2. What are some things that could be changed so that your learning can be improved?
I don't think there is anything to be changed as i find the teaching very good, and our learning environment is very good.

3. Describe in what ways have relationships with (a) teachers; (b) peers been positive or negative?
My teachers are very nice to us, answering all our questions and making the class very enjoyable and we have bonded very well as a class. we listen to each other's comments and work very well. :D

101 rocks and soars! ~~ :D

Zhi Chao said...

In lessons, especially Bio, it was really fun doing experiments and tests. In fact, i was almost always looking at test tubes with coloured liquids in them the whole time. In fact, certain topics were hard to learn just by reading the notes, we ha to "experiment" to find out certain things, like food tests to test out what substances a type of food contained. Without all those Health Science practical i probably wouldn't have been able to remember everything I was supposed to learn.

I think learning can be improved if everyone can co-operate more. If we would just work together and keep quiet and pay attention to the teachers while they are explaining something as it show respect.And that we don't have too much work. Sometimes, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays when the days is long, we have little time to complete our work and because there are so many lessons on the day itself, there would surely be a lot of work to complete and usually, i still have to teach my siblings their work so I usually sleep at 11 30...daily. And I wake up 5 30 to catch the bus, so I usually have only 5 hours to 7 hours of sleep. When I get to school, I often feel lethargic but I try hard to keep awake sometimes.

So far, the teachers are very friendly and helpful. They always assist us with any problems. An example is for the upcoming maths test. Ms Loh told us if we had any help, we cold just send her an email or just speak to her for some help. In Primary school, I would probably be left to "fend for myself". I have been able to communicate with the other teachers quite well and I think they will try their best to impart their knowledge to us.

Sher Li said...

1. We have many practicals for Biology, which makes learning Biology fun and enriching, and also helps us to understand and remember the terms and answers to the worksheets.

2. If we can learn to settle arguments between one another quickly and effectively, we would be able to concentrate more on the ongoing lesson and learn better during project work. We should learn to give way to each other more and tell when to have fun and when to be serious.

3. Although my relationship with my group members does not seem to be improving, but I should try to give them the right of way, unless their request is really unacceptable.

The teachers are very helpful and are always willing to extend some help whenever we have problems or concerns. They are different from Primary School teachers as they are more reasonable (I'm not saying Primary School teachers are unreasonable) and more friendly.

Tor Ming En said...

1. In what ways have your learning been engaging so far?
2. What are some things that could be changed so that your learning can be improved?
3. Describe in what ways have relationships with (a) teachers; (b) peers been positive or negative?

We used applied learning in our lessons so I could remember things easier. It is also easy to manage my time now in SST as I have lesser homework and stress compared to the time when I was going to take my PSLE. The lessons are unique and full of life and it never fails to make me laugh at hilarious jokes told by my teachers and friends. This is probably why I am very attentive now and I am always looking forward to lessons.

I am still very lazy; I am the sort who always think of "slacking off" and then rushing my work at the eleventh hour. Nowadays, I think I am a little better than before. If I were more hardworking and more focused on my work, I think my performance will improve by leaps and bounds.

My relationship with my teachers is wonderful; they are all equally friendly and they left a deep impression in me. They do not believe in scolding us because they respect and treat us as ladies and gentlemen. They are very helpful and therefore they will always try to help me when I had encountered a difficulty. I also started to feel more comfortable with spelling and tests thanks to their help. They have changed my mindset; at first I thought they were tough obstacles. Now I viewed them as exciting challenges.

I have been getting along well with my peers despite a few unnecessary disputes sometimes. Nevertheless, the argument will usually be solved in the space of 5 minutes. In SST, I met a lot of students with different behaviours, attitude and mindset. Most of the people in my class are optimistic, smart, friendly and helpful. Some people have influenced me not to play too much online games and try to concentrate more on my studies. As a result, I feel that they have a positive impact on me.

Jingyi said...

1. Application has been used a lot in our lessons, and the practicals for Biology were particularly fun and engaging. From what I have experienced, a few subjects, like science are hard to fully understand without hands-on experience. Thats why I like the Biology practicals so much.

2. I find that the homework varies a lot throughout the week. There is adequate amount of homework during Wednesday and Friday, but on Thursdays and Tuesdays and Mondays the homework load increases greatly, making it hard to complete all of it by the time I get home.

3. The teachers have been helpful and encouraging, plus they make the lessons interesting, so I don't fall asleep. If we need help of some sort, we can always ask without hesitating and without fear of being embarrassed. I am so far on good terms with everyone in the class, but that's what i think. Well, Bryan is playing soccer practically everyday and captainsball with the girls, so everyone can join in. I believe this is how we bond with each other. Interacting while having fun does a lot without you knowing.


Shamus said...

thanks everyone for sharing your opinions and comments.

Joshua said...

1) I feel that our learning has been engaging as we have learnt a lot about technology and we were able to apply those skills in most subjects.

2) In order to improve our learning, I feel that students should do more work which requires us to think out of the box so we will learn to see things from many points of view. Most of the teachers and peers are very helpful and will gladly assist you with problems that you have.

3) Lastly, I feel that the relationships between teachers and peers have been very positive as we are able to encourage each other to work harder

Soh Fan said...

1) Well, we are able to use our computer to learn alot of new things and apply them. It really a whole new approach to learning and i think this kind of learning is interesting and also effective , for those who pay attention though<.<".
2) We can improve our learning by balancing the usage of the computer and the paperwork as both of them are important and they can also help us in our work.
3) The teachers n SST are helpful and resourceful. They are great teachers though they talk a bit fast which I could not catch up, maybe they want to save time for other things in the lesson.
My friends are helpful too as they remind each other what homework there are and teaches each other things that one do not understand as we learn too.

Shamus said...

thanks guys. thanks a lot.

Shamus said...

guys, i have extended the deadline to 28/2/10 1200. everyone has to answer, so those that have not, please do so. thank you.

Master Chief said...

1) I feel it is extremely engaging as the questions were based more on applied learning and we were able to go around the school compound for lessons so this makes me feel more matured and ready for the outside world.

2) I think what could have changed is our teamwork, discipline and tendancy to take things for granted. We should plan our time more wisely so that we can have less homework and we should make less bad noise. We should also not complain when we dislike something as we are already considered fortunate.

3) So far, my relationships between my teachers and peers have been good and I have no enemies or hate anyone. I also do not dislike any teachers.

P.S. I am being serious so do not ask me useless questions or give useless comments.

Harsh Seth said...

1)our learning has been engaging as there has been many activities to help us understand the concept of the subject.For example,we have had many practicals for our bio and it helped us to understand the subject and topic.

2)A few things which can be improved are
i)we plan our time wisely
ii)paying attention in class
iii)using our learning only for learning
iv)balancing both computer work and paper work as we will need to write for exams

3)My relationship with my teacher and peers is good i do not think that there are any signs of problems in the relationship.

t.jianhui said...

1) I have learned that computers can actually be brought into lessons with appropriate use. It may not necessarily be as bad as most people think. One such example is the use of the virtual microscope. If one does not have a microscope at home, by using the virtual microscope, one can use it as though it is his; in other words, he is not restricted by physical resources.

2) We should not rely too much on technology. We should do paper work sometimes so that in the event of a computer breakdown, we still have some notes to study and not be completely helpless.

3) Relationships with teachers have been positive, as well as peers. In a way that we understand each other better because some may not be willing to talk about it directly but rather in an indirect way.

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