From Miss Loh ( if you did not see her message.)

Hi S1-01: Please try out the online quizzes... That's to prepare you for tomorrow's Maths lesson - You are going to attempt 3 pop-quizzes: One on Algebra, and 2 others on the use of Calculator - 3 copies within 1 period. Practise + Practise + Practice... Know your calculator well :D
Remember to bring your calculators! ...No working required.
No textbook required for Tuesday's Maths lesson.

second post...

S1-01: Please take note of the following for your Maths Lessons - for this week ONLY
Tuesday (30 March) lesson slot: No change - activities as mentioned in the previous wall post.
Wednesday (31 March) lesson slot: Maths lesson will be replaced by iPW (i.e. by Mrs Iong)
Thursday (1 April) lesson slot: Maths lesson will tak...e place instead of iPW. In other words, you will have 2 periods of Maths on Thursday. Please bring your Textbook, Workbook and Calculator (and of course... your macbook) for the lesson.

With Regards.

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