Important Notices from the S&W committee of S101

S&W Committee

Dear fellow classmates of Class S1-01,

We would like to introduce you to your Sports and Wellness Committee.

Bryan: Leader

Soh Fan: Vice - leader

Tan Jianhui: Notetaker

Jonathan Soh: Spokesperson

Ng Kai Chek: Planner

Tor Ming En: Researcher

Disclaimer: The roles may change and we will inform you.

Our S&W committee has come up with this vision for the class:

“Excel in sports and outdo our competitors ”

There are a few upcoming events, so here are the updates:

30 April Annual Track and Field Meet

Note: the following events have unconfirmed dates.

May SST Inter-house Sports Carnival 1

August SST YOG Sports Challenge

November SST Inter-house Sports Carnival 2

We request your suggestions for the YOG Sports Challenge as we get to choose which sport activity we want. However, it must involve your family members participation.

Heres one excerpt from Mr Adil.( Edited by Ming En)

For our YOG Challenge, we can follow other school's example by organising events like doing mass yoga as a school or bringing old folks in the neighbourhood together to learn things like tai-chi. This will allow them to be equipped with skills that is essential to protect themselves from the malicious strangers(i.e robbers). It must be something that everyone can do together as a whole and it must benefit everyone.

However, we want something original. So if you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to post it under this post comments section.

We appreciate your cooperation and your time.

Done by: Sports and Wellness Committee of Class S1-01

Edited by Ming En, Jian Hui and Jonathan

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