LEAP Week Instructions

Dear 101ers

Please see below for the attire and materials required for each of the field trips. 

I&E, NEWater Plant, Science and Math field trips: School uniform and writing materials

IPW workshop: PE attire, writing materials + Macbook

IH (Integrated Humanities) and EL Sentosa Mobile Learning Trail: PE attire, Macbook, Plastic bags (to shield the Macbook in the event of rain), umbrellas and writing materials

From Mr Yeo

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Harsh Seth said...

The IPW workshop is on the same day as the sentosa trip and the uniform required for each event is different...So must we bring both our uniform and s & w uniform?

bryan said...

yah i have the same question as harsh

☆Ziying said...

Come to school in uniform and bring PE

Zhi Chao said...

Since when did we have a Maths workshop after today?

☆Ziying said...

Sorry Bryan and Harsh. We can wear PE attire for the whole day of Wednesday.

Shamus said...

ohok. thanks.

Aurelius Yeo said...

Guys, sorry about the change of instructions. We can wear PE attire the whole of Wednesday.

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