18 May 2010

Give Mrs iong interview questions if not done.

Do TB pg 8 question 15-18 Maths@Work on foolscap paper.
Download the Little Red Riding Hood PDF file and the instructions are there.

Download this file. Circle all the "Rates" that you can find in the story. Re-express the "Rate" if it is not correctly written. Add your full name to the end of the original filename. Email your answer to Ms Loh at loh_kwai_yin@sst.edu.sg by 21 May 2010 (Friday, 2359h)

Do self-learning if not done.
Do question 1-10 Pg 12-13 of 1B TB by tomorrow. (do on foolscap)

Submit your keynote to submit folder by today. (if you see this and you are at home, TOO BAD ><)

预习(下册 19课)
Do corrections on Chinese essay (format)

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