Publicity Talks

What is the role of the publicity members in the class?
Make SST public, to showcase SST - JJ
Promote our class to other classes- Harsh
Raise public awareness- Calvin

How effective is the communication between the school and the students have been? How can it be improved?
1)Newsletters should be given to students and parents every week.
2)Announcement blog is not very useful as not many people check it.
3)Posters at the class notice boards

What ideas to improve the publicising of SST?
1)Allowing students to go back to their primary school to talk to their juniors about SST.
2)Host competitions.
3)People think that going to SST will make their children “computer freaks”. We should hence show the parents that we are not like that.
4)Many people feel that we’ll collapse in a few years time.

What do you think is the image SST students project to the public?
1)Have to address the issue of people looking at us as “Nerds”.
2)Uniform looks nerdy.

Response to such an image? Why?

What kind of students should SST take in?
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☆Ziying said...

To have various CCAs to perform for the people to make them know that the ladies and gentlemen in SST are talented in various ways.

chengngee said...

Showcase the other advantages of being in SST and let other people know that SST students are talented in other ways other than technology and science only.

Zhi Chao said...

Have more emphasis on sports rather than talk about technology all the time.

Zhiqi said...

Instead of teachers, we should let students showcase what they learn and not let the teachers do all the talking. It will be much believable.

Chan Jing Jie said...

We should showcase the different various forte that SST has. If we only keep showcasing on technology, it may not be receptive.
To publicises the school, we can show the lessons we have in SST(eg. use facebook to learn is unique)

Guang Jun said...

The school should focus more on other things rather than technology, which makes people think SST as a school which lets students play with games in class.

Master Chief said...

We can have students showcase what is it like in SST together with the teachers so people will feel that the information we give them is more reliable as it comes from a primary source.
We can showcase things that involve primitive technology such as sports.

bryan goh said...

The school should focus on sports or excersises during lunch. It can help us in our health and also in teamwork. A game could be soccer

Joshua said...

The publicity members have to try to show other people that SST will be a good choice for a secondary school as it helps to nurture students in a way different from other schools.

Soh Fan said...

Have students to participate in inter-school competitions, not only academically, but in sports too. This will let other people know that we SST students are not only ‘nerds’ that sit by the table using a computer.

Grace Tan Soo Woon :D said...

I am quite surprised in people thinking that our school consists of nerds just because our school has such a "chim" name. I think that our school's name is very nice and makes us sound elegant. We could also help our school to publicize by introducing our school to our younger friends or to let some adults have some information about our school as most adults do not know such a school existed. I think SST welcomes everyone who can meet our expectations of the DSA, and we do not have any particular "ideal students" in mind as everyone who comes to SST is ideal enough, and we of course welcome them with open arms~ :D

Harsh Seth said...

i think of maybe going around the neighborhood to tell members of the public about our school.

Calvin said...

Conduct regular school "breaking ice" and to give presentations and inter school competitions to build up a solid awareness between schools.

Jonathan Soh Wei Ping said...

We should have emphasis on both technology and other thing sat the same time rather then focusing on technology most of the time. We could also have a few people to demonstrate what we do during CCA to let people know more about our school. We should also campaign more vigorously so that it is School of Science and Technology, Singapore not Singapore School Technical from what i heard from Bryan

Shamus said...

The communication is good so far, but i think it can be improved. The school should give out monthly newsletters to keep the students and parents informed about the latest news. We should take part in competitions organized and also, show others that we are NOT NERDS! I think SST students show the public that we are some nerds in a nerdy uniform. Uniform can be improved.

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