Reflection on Monday's and Tuesday's programme

Think and reflect on what happened on Monday on Tuesday......
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Jonathan Soh Wei Ping said...

I feel that undergoing this intensive training has allowed me to know more about the difficulties that the needy face. It also allowed me to work much more better with my classmates, through understanding them. This has allowed us to overcome more obstacles better.

Chan Jing Jie said...

These two days(Monday and Tuesday) have been an enriching experience for me. The activities planned for us were very engaging.They not only allow me to learn the difficulties the elderly faces and also builds up the communication skills between the pupils in each class. Besides that, the presentation helped me to recap the things I had seen and understand some learning points.
From these two days, I have learnt to put myself in the elderly's shoe. Only then I would be able to know the importance of having things in helping the elderly(eg. ramps for elderly who have trouble walking up stairs.) I also learnt how to observe things for different perspective.
Overall, I find these two days beneficial to me and my classmates.


Zhi Chao said...

Help others willingly, not just to gain attention, wealth, fame, or any material rewards. This is what I realised in these two days of activities. Helping others must make you happy, otherwise it will not be fruitful for you.

Calvin said...

I have obtained a fruitful experience for the past two days, we have intensively built up our public awareness which is very important in our bustling society. Time has past so fast and it took away all the good and bad times yet this experiences is like a recorded CD, it would forever be playing and kept inside our hearts, constantly reminding us to share and help the elderly. We became more observant and collaborative among our piers and the public, most importantly we have gained knowledge and good habits that we would forever be remembered and took along with us where ever we go.

Joshua said...

After the past two days, I have learnt about living in the shoes of others, especially the visually impaired, and looking from their perspectives. This had taught me how to actually feel how they feel and to find out ways we can help them with their problems.

I also feel that the coordination between me and other students have also improved greatly.

Lastly, I have learnt that reflection is a very important process and it should always be carried out so as to learn from mistakes you have recalled when reflecting on yourself, helping you to improve in your character.

bryanplane said...

The two days were very fun(and tiring) as we get to be in the shoes of the needy.
I have realised that there are actually many things that are not friendly enough for some of the minority of the people in the world. Although they are just a minority, we should do our best to help them in whatever we can.
I also learn to work better in my team and to trust my friends.
Most importantly, I would say that it was a very fun and enriching experience for me.

Master Chief said...

For the first day, I feel it was very fun as we could do very practical things, researching on the feelings, challenges and needs of the visually impaired in a shopping mall. This was the first time I did research in the actual field and present findings which are derived from our research.
For the second day, I learned about the qualities we need to have to be a leader and serving society. The activities were also fun.
In the two days, I have learned many important things through enriching activities.

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