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Hello, my dear S1-01 and S1-03

I hope you're beginning to enjoy the holidays. I know you have work to do and books to read, but still do make time to rest and recharge yourselves and spend time with your families.

Here are some updates for English:

1. Photos of Willow and Ginkgo
While we were in Beijing, we came across some willow trees and ginkgo trees growing near each other beside a pond, and your clasmates who were there took photos of the trees. I've uploaded Wei Chern’s photos onto the English Google site, under the Poetry section of your respective class pages. Do take a look at the photos and re-read the poem ‘The Willow and the Ginkgo’ to better appreciate the trees and the poem! :)

2. As I told you before, we will be having an oral exam towards the end of term 3. In order for me to be able to better help you prepare for it, I need to know which areas you need help in. As such, I've attached here a very short passage (‘Diagnostic Passage.pdf’), and I'd like you to an audio recording of yourself reading it using QuickTime Player. The recording should take about 25–30 seconds (any shorter and you're probably reading too fast). Once you're done, please send me the audio file in an email. I hope you can do it by the end of the holidays.

Take care, and see you all when school reopens!

Geraint Wong (Mr)

PS: The recording will NOT be assessed.

VIA PONDA~ grace.
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