For those who went to the class outing....

What did you learn from the trip?
Was there anything worth mentioning? Any new experiences? How did you feel?
Was there anything we could have improved on?

I am hoping to see at least 18 comments!
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Shamus said...

Firstly, I think this trip is okay although there were a few grievances when we were to decide whether we should ice skate or bowl. Well, it did take up most of our time, but we managed to follow the plan and we bowled in the end. Personally, I think the best part of this trip was cycling, but I know some did not really enjoy it. It's ok. Lastly, we could have gathered at first and draw out a schedule to follow, because it was rather messy and unorganized. Should there be another class outing at the end of this year, we will try our best to improve on it and make it the best class outing ever! :P

Grace Tan Soo Woon :D said...

The trip was pretty meaningful. The cycling was a great experience for me as i have never cycled with a passenger-Sue Lun before. There was the Lunch. I meaningful time to bond and talk, we talked about soccer as there was yesterday's match in air. After that was bowling.. teaching the first-timer or first few timer, Sher Li, was quite fun though i failed a lot of times. Joshua Loh was SO PRO! he had 122 points or smth. I learnt that twisties (chicken flavor) helps to get Strikes. (Shamus Theory)

bryan said...

I learn that we must plan and organise well before a trip and be punctual for the event.We also must be prepared for emergencies to happen.
I don know if there is anything worth mentioning but i I think we should have stayed at east coast park for the whole day which may be more meaningful.
Overall the event was quite nice but I wish that we would be able to do things that everyone likes in future

Guang Jun said...

I think its ok, but it was quite fun as we were late due to incorrect directions we went to and caused some slowed down schedule. However, it was pretty fun trying to cycle all the way to bedok jetty to meet the rest of the class after coming late.It was a big mess trying to decide whether to bowl or ice skate, although in the end we chose bowling. I was quite unhappy at first as I wanted to ice skate, but in the end I was also bowling happily with the rest of the class. :)

☆Ziying said...

I enjoyed cycling with 101 and I think this outing has helped us to bond together as a class.

I learnt that when there is an outing with a group of people, we should learn to enjoy ourselves by communicating and knowing the good points about each other. Also, we should be appreciative towards whatever we have and make the best out of it.

I want to thank Grace for taking pictures of me so to let me know myself better and thank you Grace, for giving me the water, letting me play with your headphone and teaching me how to play bowling :) haha, I had an enjoyable and wonderful time spent with the class :)

I think at the East Coast Park when Grace, Harsh and Shamus went back to get Bryan, Ming En and Zhi Chao was worth-mentioning. The CEC did that as we were really worried about them and I think that was a way to show that 101 is a team and we shall leave no one behind.

At the bowling centre, I found many professional bowlers such as Joshua (Joshua Loh), and, I realised that Soh Fan can stretch!!

Perhaps ways to improve the outing can depends on two parties, one is on the CEC while the other one is on the class members. Anyway, we march on as a team so whatever that is lacking, we shall work it out together and also, I think going out as a class is not an easy thing, especially when it is during the holidays, so I think it will be great if we seize this good opportunity to play with our classmates and not staying in cliques.

I believe that how much we enjoy an event depends on ourselves and I would like to say a big thank you to those of you who have enjoyed this class outing:) I have enjoyed it too!

STRIKE~! ~ ^ ^ ~

Haha, continue to enjoy the rest of the holiday!



☆Ziying said...

One more thing that is worth-mentioning :)

Bryan led us the way to the Leisure Park. I think this is a very good example of making each individual's strengths and march on as a TEAM.

haha, thank you 101, for giving me such a great experience :D

Harsh Seth said...

I think that today was a good day on the whole. the start was a bit boring for some who waited for the others to come. We can improve this by reaching the point of meeting at the assigned time.There was one problem on the cec's part,though. We did not fix up a wet weather program and inform the class about it before the actual day. When it started to rain, the chairman gave out instructions and said that the meeting point has been changed and the message had to be sent to every one Some problems in this was that not everyone was contactable and so the message did not go to them. Another problem was that the meeting point changed a few times and this confused the class where the meeting point is.

The class was not quite moving as a group and so the front people had to stop for the back ones but this does not have any class bonding. Everyone stayed with the group of people whom they are good friends, including me.

There were some good things such as the way some of us solved all on-coming problems. Looking out for all other people.

Then came the problem in the shopping mall.The dispute about whether to go bowling ,ice-skating,watch a movie,go for karaoke or go to the arcade. I do not understand why there was a dispute about this when we had planed earlier on that we will go for bowling and almost the whole class agreed.Well after sometime we figured out a solution.We did a vote and majority will be the event we will do.

Then bowling became majority and we went for it. It was a fun activity and almost all, if not all, of us loosened up and forgot about the dispute. it was great fun.

Now i know what it feels like to be a teacher and that to make sure of every thing in advance as well as to make plans for unexpected situations.

Zhiqi said...

Actually the trip today was rather good. We just need more co-operation. I think the CEC could have plan the part that we go to the leisure park better so we do not have to argue. During the time that we were cycling, we are not together. Some people were faster and the people behind could not catch up. In the end, Shamus (and few more people including ponda) has to ride back and show the people behind the way.

I learnt that S1-01 stills needs more unity but the unity has improved a lot since start of school. So, I look forward to the next outing!

Sue Lun said...

It was rather fun but we need to plan and manage more efficiently. We should decide and agree on what to do before setting out. Besides that, I feel that we should still participate in the activities even though they are not to our liking. Anything can be made fun if you put effort into it.:)

There were some problems and conflicts but they were more or less solved in the end. We have learnt something from it and that is what that matters. I feel that we should work more as a team and be more united. However, I feel that we have bonded and work better together now compared to the day we first met.

It was an exciting and enjoyable trip and I hope for more of such outings:)

Chan Jing Jie said...

The trip today was quite ok, except for some loop holes.

Firstly, the meeting place. It kept changing which may confuse people and some of them many not get the message quick enough.

Secondly, the class was scattered during cycling(I know im very slow). Either the people who are faster slow down and wait for the slow ones(me) or maybe another activity would be better so that everyone in the class can participate. But the people who cycle did wait for those who are slower at a certain point(YAY).

Thirdly, there were conflicts on deciding what to do at Leisure Park. From my point of view, I think that we should be sure if the activities can be carried out according to plan. This would then be better as we would know that the schedule is fixed and would not be changed. If it cannot be fixed, maybe another activity can be planned as a backup.

There are a few points worth mentioning.

Firstly, Shamus, Grace and Harsh cycled back to look for Bryan, Zhi Chao and Ming En to bring them to the bicycle rental point. The whole class were worried for them as they took a long time to reach.

Secondly, Shamus lead the whole class to Leisure Park. He displayed leadership. Worth commending(:

Thirdly, the CEC ask for everyone's opinions when making decisions, giving each person a chance to speak up. This shows that we should look out for one another and listen to each other.

Lastly, Harsh helped Kai Chek when his bike broke down during the ride to bedok jetty. This shows that we should help one another when in need.

Overall, I think that our class has been more united after this trip. Everyone learnt how to work as a team and we are more bonded together!~


Shawn Tan said...

In overall, the whole outing was quite alright, not too bad for the first time but still there is some rooms for improvements.

East Coast Park is already big enough but what makes the place more confusing and harder to locate is that there are lots of building inside it. So, we ( Guang Jun, Joshua Ma and Me) had quite a hard time locating the venue to gather and was late. Not only that the venue to gather keeps on changing. I have received SMSes to tell me to gather at one place and another to tell me to gather at another place. They CEC should be more assure on the decision they make. That is one room for improvement.

Another room for improvement is the CEC should be more prepare. In the Leisure Park, there were some conflicts regarding the afternoon activity. Whether should we go skating or bowling or karaoke. If they were more prepared on this, they might have been able to prevent the conflict.

The best part is that, the CEC did a rather good job. A round of applause for them!

Soh Fan said...

The outing could have been good if not for some of the arguments and preparation of the outing. There is a lot of room for improvement but generally the CEC did a good job.

East coast park is gigantic and it is very difficult to navigate around there. I had quite a hard time going there and the last minute news of us not able to take bus 401 makes it even worse. Luckily, my aunt was able to guide me there. The CEC should have more details in terms of location and ways to get there.

At Leisure Park, there were a lot of conflicts on where to go and what to do. Some wanted to skate, some karaoke while the rest wanted to stick to the original plan. We wasted quite some time and ended up bowling, which I think was great! If we really wanted to do other activities, we should at least plan and stock up more money in case, if not we will end up forking out money from our own pocket.

Overall, it IS good while there is room for improvements. I look forward to a more fun-filled and organised trip by the CEC. ;D

Sher Li said...

The trip was fun, and I believe that ultimately everyone enjoyed themselves. The cycling at East Coast Park helped all of us bond and we had a good time.

Despite the fun we had, I think that everyone should have just focussed on class bonding, instead of over where to go for an activity. The important thing is that we get to know each other better as a class through this activity.

I had a new experience while bowling. I wasn't very very good at it, but with the help and guidance of my classmates, I managed to improve slightly (I think).

Generally, the class outing went much better than I imagined and we were able to have a great amount of fun as well. We might even have learnt from this experience!

Thank you to the CEC for doing such a great job and putting their best effort into making this class outing a success!

Master Chief said...

I think the class outing was fun, meaningful and great! Although we wasted some time arguing whether we should go bowling or ice-skating, I felt it was very fun and enjoyable.
The MOST important thing to improve on is our ability to recall what had been reflected on in previous events and put into action what we had learnt otherwise we will keep on reflecting on this and that, but we never learn anything at all.
Other than this, I think we could be more considerate as we caused a lot of noise and blocked passageways. I saw many people observing our behaviour while many of us were oblivious to how we are affecting others.
But overall, I really felt very happy to see my friends again and do things together. I had never rode a bi-bicycle, two person type bicycle together with my friends who rode on other bicycles(and those who walked) or played bowling with my friends so I was very excited.

To everyone: When we are deciding to do something, etc. , we can easily become angry, irritated and say bad things but if we really want to improve, we HAVE to not let our negative emotions overwhelm us otherwise we will NEVER be able to learn from our past mistakes.

Happy holidays everyone! :D

KAICHEK said...

I think that the class outing was very fun just that there were some arguments as to what the afternoon activities were going to be . my favorite part of the outing was bowling. Although I didn't get a very good score but the most important thing was that I had fun. I feel that the class was a little disorganized and could have planned a little better but i still enjoyed myself. Something worth mentioning is that harsh tried to fix my bike when the chains of my bike came loose. although it didn't work

Joshua said...

The class party was quite alright in general.
The only part I felt was a little frustrating was when we had to quarrel over bowling or ice-skating. I mean that bowling was already planned and most people should expect the plan as it is.
I feel that I enjoyed bowling the even though i got six gutters in a row...
I also hope in future outings, we should try to keep up with the schedule and every one should come early to ensure that happens. (Sorry, for coming late.)

Zhi Chao said...

I liked the class outing overall because we got to see our friends again and just relax. We also got to know more about one another. I felt that arguments had been meant to happen because of failure to plan. I just wish that the class would listen to one another more often, instead of complaining about everything.

Tor Ming En said...

I like the class outing because it allowed us to mingle with our fellow classmates and at the same time, understand each other's respective personalities better. I learn that we have to plan properly or we will fail miserably, which I doubt anyone wants it to happen.

I find the argument pretty unnecessary. It not only shows bad preparation, but it also reflects something bad on our character. I will like to emphasize the fact that we kept changing locations and it is very misleading. I feel very frustrated but fortunately, the CEC made some wonderful decisions, which is commendable.

I think that a small minority should keep their temper in check. I despise their screaming which always proved to be senseless and unreasonable. They ought to improve, or they can really dampen people's mood.

Mayur said...

ok laa i guess i mean the first and the last part was awesome a.k.a cycling and bowling and not to mention eating :) but there were some problems mainly because of our arguments. But overall i would love another outing, and next time i plan to follow the plan we sweat making

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