Chinese Performance Task

Hi S1-01,

Please type your group names for the Chinese Performance Task in the comments. This is for the Google Spreadsheet regarding the performance task. The spreadsheet can be found in your SST emails for you to track your progress. However, only Zhi Chao, Ms Ooi and I can edit it, and the rest of you are entitled to only view it. Thus, please inform me of your group names. Thanks!

Harsh and Mayur may ignore this.

Sher Li
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t.jianhui said...

My group is 毛毛虫. Consists of Shawn, Shamus, Kai Chek and me

Grace Tan Soo Woon :D said...

My group name is 舜光思健。
Group member are:
Sue Lun, Guang Jun, Me and Bryan

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