Cleaniness of classroom

Dear 101ians,

As you all know, we have to clean the classroom on Mondays. So please bring as many rags as possible, so that we can clean the windows smoothly.

One more thing, cleaning will start at 12.20pm, so that the classroom can dry in time. Late comers will have to pay a penalty fee of $0.50, which will go to the class fund.

Please co-operate with us. Thank you.

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Guang Jun said...

$2!!!! Thats too unreasonable.... I know you are collecting money for the end of year outing, but thats going abit TOO far.... we have $4 per 3 weeks, but now another $2 for being late?

Shamus said...

ok then $0.50

Guang Jun said...

erm, how can we start at 12.20? there's lessons you know

Shamus said...

sorry 1.20pm

Guang Jun said...

err, thats 10 minutes before end of sure thats ok? I dont want to get scolded because i delayed CE on next next week

bryanplane said...

excuse me lunch is from 12 to 1 on monday

Shamus said...

ya lor. so cleaning starts at 12.20pm... aiyo mix my mind up xia :P

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