Today's awesome Boxing Matches !!!

Today we had a blast at the Suntec City Convection Centre watching the Boxing Matches. Here we cheered, had healthy competition, laughed and just had fun. For those who did not come, here was what happened there. First of all, there are two colours, red and blue who were the two players. They all fought on the same ring (duh) and there was a small screen where the points were shown. Each successful punch on the opponent (i think) earns a point. 

At the start of the day, what happened was that we all were confused about which Starbucks©  to meet at. Some ppl said that there were 2 starbucks there, some said 3, some said 4. So someone had to run all around to get everyone at the correct place. 

Anyways, here are some pics.

All of us before we went into the venue

All of us at the venue

Here is a piece of the action

More action!!

"Sibling Rivalry!!!" 
Why Rivalry? Very Easy. Ming En Says that in all matches, Blue will win and Calvin says that Red will Win. That's the rivalry part. What about the Sibling part. Also very easy. Mr Yeo say that we are one big family. So we are brother and sister aka siblings!!!

One of THE wow parts of the whole thing was the match between India and Great Britain. It was Epic!  (not being bias here) Here are the scores.
Sorry can't see the code but it is GBR 4 and IND 14!!! The highest for the whole 4 Hour thing. :O

Here is the footage. Sorry i very stupid seh. I tilt the camera full 90°. =.=" So sit back and crane your neck a full 90° for full enjoyment. :D

Cheers :D
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