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Tmr have chinese test JYJY.
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Harsh Seth said...

Um... for ICT, you can program the effects for lesson 2 and if you want, you can start to program the starting parts for lesson 3... yeah
Tmr also got English test...
Bring Geometry Tools for maths
CE, for boys only, pls send Grace your Keynote slide on respecting Sexual Differences.
yeah that should be it. :D

Sheimasu said...

how bout the timeline?

Harsh Seth said...

timeline 4?

ILG~ぐれす*思恩~ said...

WHAT? send me O_O

Sheimasu said...

suppose 2 put 3 things in d timeline in ur life since u were born tat reminded u tat u're a BOY. dude.

Shawn said...

got cl test meh?

Harsh Seth said...

@Shawn: yes tmr...
@Sheimasu: Yeah hor! thx!

Sheimasu said...

@shawn : ya dude. compo man. got study mah? -.-

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