Class Chalet

Hey people! 

I am sure you guys are really excited about the upcoming class chalet outing. As Shamus has created a previous post regarding how to get to the Changi Point Ferry Terminal, I would like to add some points about how to get there. 

To get to the bus stop that has bus service 89, we need to head southwest on Pasir Ris Central Street 3 and turn left to stay on Pasir Ris Central Street 3. Finally turn left again at Pasir Ris Central. 

The bus stop is called "Opp Pasir Ris Town Pk". 

Bus 89 will stop at 17 bus stops before arriving at our destination, "Bef S'pore Aviation Ac". 

Bus 89 is by SBS Transit, so it makes it quite difficult to determine what station it is so we need to count. 

Just asking, is anybody going by the route 2 (by bus) Shamus has suggested? If you are interested, you can follow me to the chalet. I will be going by route 2. I will be waiting at Pasir Ris MRT station from 1pm to 1.15 pm

People who are interested to join me, please comment as soon as possible, latest by tomorrow 10 am. For more information, text me at 82200389 or find me on iChat ( 
Thank you


PS: All information provided by Google
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