For Real Enlightenment, Call Grandmother To Talk Loudly

This is the notes for Geography.....for those who do not have it, you can take a look:

For Real Enlightenment, Call Grandmother To Talk Loudly

Human Factors

Flat land

  • Develop infrastructure build factories
  • Level land preferred
  • Easier to clear land
  • Availability of large area of land
  • Usually located away from city centers & commercial districts
  • Less expensive and congested

Raw Materials

  • Inputs for production
  • Nature of Raw Materials - Heavy & Bulky
  • Huge cost incurred in transportation result in location near source of raw materials
  • Nature of raw materials - Perishables


Power needed to run machines

Industries that require a large supply of energy

Industries require a constant supply of energy


  • Availability of loan

{ Low interest rated help increase amount of capital available for companies to operate. }


  • Steers focus of industry type suitable for economic growth of country, location of industry
  • May provide financial incentives to attract investors
  • May restrict or limit certain type of industries
  • Politically stable
  • Conductive for manufacturing
  • Risks are minimised

  • Taxation . Stability . Regulation . Interest Rate

Jurong Island:

  • Petroleum & speciality chemical industries

• Located away from residential areas

• Developed through reclamation and joining of other smaller islands

  • Has easy accessibility to mainland
  • Growing importance of quaternary industries
  • To encourage and enhance high value-added industries

Marketplace of transaction

  • High demand for goods/services
  • Perishable products, fragile items
  • Improvements in transport enable manufacturers to overcome issue of distance for perishable products


  • Movement of people & goods through the use of vehicles
  • Good transport system
  • Lower costs involved in moving goods from factory to markets
  • Advancements in transportation
  • Companies can reach new markets & new sources of raw materials

Eg. Highways


  • Knowledge, skills and tools used to meet needs and overcome physical constraints
  • Industries producing perishable goods need no be located near markets
  • Cheaper and faster transport & communication
  • More goals can reach foreign markets within the same time frame
  • Mass media opening up new markets

Labour - Important to labour intensive industries

• Low cost (Is it cheap?)

• Readily available (Is there enough people?)

• Specialised & highly skilled labour (Do the people have the correct skill set?)

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