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Dear 101ers,

I hope that you have enjoyed the class outing at the chalet as much as I do and I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Shamus's parents for taking time to help us and make this event possible. Also, I would also like to thank the CEC and all the 101ers for making this journey wonderful for each one of us.

I am sure each one of you have received gifts or notes of appreciation from our classmates, thus, you can consider uploading photos of the gifts/notes you have got.  :)

I have uploaded the photos and videos which I took during the outing. Please feel free to upload the photos and videos which you have taken during the outing as well:)
* Please ensure that the materials that you upload are appropriate for viewing.

Last but not least, please refer to the post below this one, and do the reflection by commenting on the post.

Thanks everybody! Please get some rest and drink lots of water. See you tomorrow in school!


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