Please pass me your CE sexual identity timeline and slide if you have not done by saturday October 2nd 2010 at 10 AM. TEN AM i repeat. TEN AM 10 AM.

anyone later than that you better pray i wake up after 10am or you are DEAD I GIVE UP ON YOU STRESS BUILDING PEOPLE.

I left all of you 2 emails. please check your sst email THANKS.

PS. Mr Yeo, if you are reading this im sorry i extended the deadline without asking you. on friday night I received only 4 copies. Shamus( who forgot the timeline and handed up early), JJ (who forgot to export again and i had to export for him... =_='''), Calvin (the only one with the timeline) and Bryan.

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Harsh Seth said...

where to find the keynote slide??? and must we submit the timeline? I may not be able to submit it by 10 am on oct. 2 as i have to go for exams... will be back by 2-3 pm... thx.

ILG~ぐれす*思恩~ said...

oh god... okay harsh has exception. I dunno where also... ask those whoe names are up there already. thanks.

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